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Mark Dice

Mark Shouldice, magnificently accepted as Dice, is an American YouTuber, crime theorist, activist, novelist, right-hander, careful reviewer, and a critic who has subsisted actively since  2008.

Mark Dice is a fellow of the democracy  Party.[17] As of July 2019, Dice stayed in placatory Beach, San Diego.[25]

Put up with

Mark Shouldice

December 21, 1977 (age 43)

Recognized for

YouTube videos stimulating corruption hypotheses, symposia inquiry

Political team


Conspiracy theories

Contending a libel worry in “existing circumstances, biased dealings and how the state is working. Dice is a right-wing, careful crime theorist[5][6] who provided the agencies with his concoction on a copious group of principles.

In June 2008, Dice undertook “Operation report to the Soldiers”, an undertaking to save DVDs, messages, and declaring congress manuscripts to U.S. employment mechanisms in Iraq. Dice strived these would authenticate 9/11 complicity assumptions and induce the recipients to “reconsider why they’re fighting. On June 10, syndicated gossip exhibit commentator Michael Reagan advocated on-screen that Dice must be ruined for possessing so. 6 existence deceased, Reagan hosted Dice at his concert and asked exculpation for his comments.

Dice stimulated the olive tiller conspiracy assumptions, alleging that the 2015 warlike workouts were a trial for an assertion of fierce legislation in the US.

The housing

Dice is the initiator of a San Diegan Christian schooling alliance visited “The impervious to  ”, interpreted as “understood for its hardline perspective purely. In 2008, in acceptance of Starbucks, the reintroduce of its large drive home (underlining a topless siren), Dice formal his combination and it clasps 3,000 outgrowths in rioting the brown chain: “The Starbucks and identifying mark jam a responsive female on it with her legs broadcast like a prosthetic   It’s enormously tragic zest, and the connotation force nominates themselves Starbucks.” Starbucks retained extra than 6,000 zones in 2008.

As the inventor of The Resistance, Dice told KFSN-TV of his institution’s probability to disregard up hall demonstrations of 2009’s Angels & Demons as the film “is a corruption, intentional for layering  up the authority of a privileged province as called the Illuminati.” Dice contended that the Illuminati existed instrumental in the September 11 invasions and the financial misfortune of 2007–2008.


Confidential communities hoard in cooperation captivated and hesitant nations for hundreds of years. constantly the notorious Illuminati is verbal as the essence of contact that crosses the realm. The Illuminati is a main-ordered resident that possessed expectations of upheavals and population control to offer a cool rear to the 1770s.

Heretofore then, gossips and fraud assumptions implicating the Illuminati proceed to circulate, periodically discovering their course into prominent tales like Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons and Hollywood flicks like Lara Croft: Burial place Raider. additional newly, symphony tapes, accolade concerts, and exhibiting exhibitions are asserted to by hook or by crook pertain. around men, uniform extend redirects alleging to prevail, preceding components, input fundamentals of come again? they contend they are the domestic workings of the institution.

When you probe the completeness of the mark understandable on the question, you may be shocked that authenticity is a foreigner than fiction. In The Illuminati: details & Fiction, corruption, and occult expert smear Dice segregates narrative from Hollywood and exhibits why anecdotes of their own identity won’t vanish.

Earliest Writings and Documents

The New globe harmony story

 Fiction rouse newspaper By be a sign of Dice …

By scanning the ownership, publisher, or producers of mentors you prefer, you could… side by indicator dice politics civic sciences explode ebooks as a result modest! … existences, provoking them an endless working-class little the privileged supervision begins in indulgence. … They are plunged into a vicious assault with savage, fitting nations …

Contemplating the havoc after the 2016 shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, Dice condemned the “black hoods who are rebelling over this raven thug.” After the Stoneman Douglas summit prepares for shooting in 2018, Dice chitter an expression of the programs: “Someone notifies initiation Z jokes that in the incident of a college shooting, they must name 911 more accurately than distribution a put on a tape of it on Snapchat.” apprentice survivors, on all sides of Sarah Chadwick, tugged nether against Dice’s claims; Dice eliminated the post quarters and performed not spin up to outlets investigations thereabout.

Subsequently, the Podesta emails were trickled, in November 2016, Dice reported a byword from yachting marina Abramović to Tony Podesta and fixed the retired holiness with Satanic, tweets, “I am nowadays submitting make an apology from each one who announced I was snooping for scrawl down editions about how the alliance is Satanism.

In last-minute 2016, Dice pleaded to administer a futile block of rascal One, a Starbucks  Wars movie he called “feminine propaganda” on Twitter.

In November 2017, he misgendered the seven-member South Korean fellow club BTS after their endowment at the American Music Awards of 2017; Dice dubbed them lesbians and brought about cutting statements about the integrity of their symphony. After persuading the antipathy of BTS buffs, Dice “trolled” them further, even though kid style broadcasted that the BTS buffs’ “optimistic determination and affection outweighs biting disrepute and hate.

In February 2018, Dice condemned the environmentally friendly brothers for peddling VidCon to Viacom, christening the acquisition an illustration of the “YouTube city permanently crossed to immense agencies again”.

In August 2018, after questioning tweets by Sarah Jeong were circulated, Dice dubbed her continuous trade at The New York epoch an “instance of liberal duplicity.

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