Call Of Duty: Warfare Modern “Dev 6068 Error” Explained

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Dev 6068 Error

Also, if the most advanced programmers and game planners collaborate in the title,

It will still be almost impossible for players not to encounter bugs or errors at least once. Triple-A games give the impression that they may be fault-tolerant, though they also go through the very efforts that indie games have to continue.

Call of Service: Modern Warfare Players may be accustomed to server-related issues that occasionally appear on second XP weekends. Without structural faults out conventional information can be daunting. This type of error usually prevents players from running the game, and the solutions you will need to try will require you to move around the game files.

The dev 6068 error usually appears immediately after players click “Play” via or after 10 minutes per game. It brings them back to their desktop Modern Warfare- stops responding and shuts down in the meantime. While any users state that the problem corrects itself after updating the GPU and PC drivers to the latest versions, the error can also be delayed.

How to fix “dev 6068 error” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

If you make sure all your drivers are up to date, the reason for this error may be in the game files.

Although the cause of this error is known, most of the fixes indicate that it can be linked to a memory-related problem.

Here Are All The Methods By Which You Can Try To Fix “Dev 6068.”

Change the VideoMemoryScale value within the game folders

Modern Warfare- is a demanding game when it comes to resources. The VideoMemoryScale option changes how much VRAM the game needs, and the only way to change it is through system files.

Open the “Players” folder, which … will locate at “Documents / Call of Duty Warfare Modern.”

You will need to search for a file named “adv_options.ini.” Run this file using the Notepad application so you can change the values ​​inside it. Locate the line that says “VideoMemoryScale” and change it to 0.5 or 0.55. The default should be 0.85.

You will notice that Modern Warfare- will start using much less VRAM than usual after applying for the money. Also, to give your arrangement some breathing space.

Play the game forcibly with DirectX 11

DirectX 12 is the latest and greatest gaming API, but the new one can’t always be better. Some systems may still encounter errors in DirectX 12 due to corrupt update files or simply defective hardware.

You Can Run About This Problem By Making Modern Warfare Run In Directx 11.

Open the Battle.Net launcher.

Click on options, which should be located in the upper right corner of the launcher.

You will need to click on “Game Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Once you enter “Game Settings,” find Modern Warfare – and there a checkmark for “Additional arguments in the command line.”

A bookcase will look just under it. Type “-d3d11” there without quotes.

If you got the error immediately after playing the game, this fix should at least get you to the main menu.

Download your graphics settings and turn off everything that is running in the background

Although Activision did not address the issue, most community reports indicate that the error occurs when heavy-load systems. The two main factors pushing the plans to their limits are the game running in the background.

Go to the Modern Warfare Graphics Settings Partition “Options” interface and reduce your settings to lower volumes. We recommend setting them to the lowest settings to see if your graphic settings are causing the problem. One of the basic settings here will be ray tracks. We highly recommend turning it off even if you have a compatible graphics card. The current version of ray tracking requires so many resources and can be stressful for your system.

Do not forget to turn off any CPU or GPU heavy application that may be running in the background, even if it is only a browser tab.

If you continue to get the error with the lowest settings, you will need to try other solutions.

Switch The Video Card To High-Performance Mode

Graphics cards are designed to provide the best visual experience possible. It’s pretty hard to spot the more subtle details in the heat of the moment during competitive games like Modern Warfare- however. Forcing your card to focus on achieving the best performance instead of quality may help you deal with this error.

The process will be different on NVIDIA and AMD cards. Make sure you have installed the latest drivers for your GPU to make sure. You eliminate the possibility of a driver error that could cause you to get the dev 6068 error.


Open the AMD Radeon or Control Center settings

Select Preferences, then more Radeon settings

Expand the Activation section and click on Interchangeable Global Settings

Select High Performance for the graphics setting and then click Apply


Open the NVIDIA control panel

Go to “Adjust image preview settings.”

Click “Use My Preferences in Highlight” and move the slider to the left for best performance.

Make Sure You Have No Corrupted Files In The Game.

If you have gone through all the steps above and still got the error, it may have corrupted files and modern warfare files. Corrupt files usually occur over time with updates, and in rare cases, they can cause errors similar to 6068.

There are two ways to make sure you do not have corrupt game files, and the first is to reinstall the game. We recommend deleting any game files left in your system after the normal installation process.

If you want to avoid re-installation because of its vast size, running a replacement will be your safest play.

Remove the launcher and agree about Modern Warfare – from the left panel.

You will need to click on options that are right next to the “Paddy Code” button.

Click “Scan and Fix” from the drop-down menu, and the client should prompt you for the rest.

This procedure will go over any game file belonging to it Modern Warfare- and replaced them with a different one if it recognizes that they are disabled.

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